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We’re A Digital Design Agency.

Mediatec has grown in reputation as an Integrated Digital Branding Agency in a short period of time. The organisation was founded in 2015 by an experienced Digital Marketing Professional. Mediatec is a ‘one stop digital services partner’ for all your requirements related to Digital Marketing solution. Our young passionate team of digital marketing enthusiasts comprising of specialists in insights and analytics, strategy and planning, search marketing, social media, content development, web design are always motivated to do world class work.

Why Mediatec:

We use our clinical knowledge to understand the business complexities and combine the creative and technical expertise of digital marketing to produce effective solutions in terms of better ROI and give the customer a better brand experience in the digital space. Our four basic key metrics for any digital marketing service is based on listening, tracking, analyzing and optimizing. We firmly believe in being accountable for the result. Each digital marketing campaign should be measurable and can be optimized so that return on investment (ROI) is always tracked and benchmarked. We will understand your business very clearly before embarking on a partnership as digital marketing partners for your business. We believe in creating and delivering 360° integrated solutions for your digital marketing campaigns. We will use our valuable resources to engage, generate leads and drive conversion for your brands.

Latest News

Social Media marketing of Yoga Day World Record Event !!!

21 st June Yoga Day Celebration atBalgaon Ashram

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RIT आणि शुश्रूषा, इस्लामपूर आयोजित "जागर प्रभावी पालकत्वाचा" कार्यकमास सुरूवात...

जागर प्रभावी पालकत्वाचा......

कार्यक्रमात अभिनेते डॉ. मोहन आगाशे यांनी पालकांशी मनमोकळा सवांद साधला....

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अनोखी कारीगीरी, दुर्मिळ गोवंश, खाद्य संस्कृती यांचा संगम कारागीरी महाकुंभात कणेरी मठात!

ता *11 ते 15 फेब्रुवारी 2018* अखेर सिद्धगिरी कणेरी मठ येथे कारागीर महाकुंभाचे आयोजन! सर्वांनी अवश्य भेट द्या.

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