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Creativity is at the heart of every advertising campaign we produce. For a campaign to be successful and fully engage an audience, exciting creative ideas need to be combined with the right media channel.Whether its online, social media, print, transport or outdoor advertising, selecting the right channels to promote a product or service is crucial to a successful campaign.

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It is a highly efficient way of communicating with your audience, due to the potential to target a specific demographic. The ability to target by age, gender and geographic location are just a few of the ways we can engage with your specific audience. The use of retargeting allows us to keep track of people who visit your site and display retargeted adverts to them. We add creativity to your ad campaigns!!!

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To get the most out of social media advertising, it is crucial to plan ahead and come up with a strategy that engages your target audience.Creating a social media calendar can help to plan future posts to align with upcoming events, holidays and product launches. Posting at a specific time of day or week can improve reaching the right people.

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It's an invaluable medium for brands looking to connect with their target audience. A printed publication offer an engaging experience unparalleled by online advertising. Despite this, print advertising is highly competitive, so it is crucial to ensure your advert stands out from the crowd and instantly captures a reader’s attention.

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It attracts attention in a way that no other form of advertising can, From interior and exterior bus, taxi to posters and billboards in railway stations , airports, utilising on the move media guarantees fantastic exposure for your brand. Positioning your brand directly in front of your audience and making your brand unavoidable.

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This key message, and a design that stands out from the competition, are crucial in ensuring your outdoor advertising campaign is powerful and effective. Once we’ve formulated a plan and come up with the big idea, our design team create an impactful and dynamic key visual that can be adapted to varying formats like hoardings, LED walls displays, Posters etc.

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All businesses and organisations must plan for the long term and this certainly applies in the context of brand building. Whether the objective is to launch a new brand, reposition an existing one or provide some much needed revitalisation, it pays to ask the right questions, formulate a plan and have a clear understanding of what it will take to achieve success.

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When a brand identity works well, you should be able to recognise the brand even if you can’t see the logo. Consider how the logo, typefaces, colours, imagery and the tone of a brand’s copy feature in building the bigger picture. Unlike brand image, which simply dictates how consumers perceive a brand, brand identity refers to what it communicates.

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What is logo ? a symbol or other small design adopted by an organization to identify its products, uniform, vehicles, etc. Few would argue that the logo is the single most important part of an organisation’s brand identity. Indeed, many people outside our industry mistakenly believe that to create a logo is to establish a brand.

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The exclusive and assignable legal right, given to the originator for a fixed number of years, to print, publish, perform, film, or record literary, artistic, or musical material. Great copy is more than just words. It sets the tone for how you will interact with your customers, reassures them your product or service is what they’re looking for, and makes a lasting impression in how they view your brand.

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An image speaks a thousand words…If you want to capture a product in a studio, it pays to formulate a plan and have a clear understanding of what you want to get out of a photoshoot. So planning ahead and choosing the right photographer with relevant experience is crucial to the success of any project. We work with a wide network of professional photographers, each with differing skills.

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Infographics are a great way of conveying information clearly and in an easy to digest fashion. Effective infographics allow you to display statistics and facts in a format that engages and captivates your audience. The viral nature of infographics means your content is more likely to get noticed and shared. Infographics encourage social media sharing.

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In order to capture a reader’s attention whilst conveying key information about your company, an annual report must be engaging. The design, balance of typographical hierarchy and composition of an annual report are crucial to breaking up information and helping to engage the reader. Furthermore, the style of graphs and charts can help to make lists of complex figures, trends and key numbers easier to understand.

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We specialise in designing brochures tailored to our clients’ needs that fit with their brand and appeal to their target audience. Every step of our design process requires clear communication and creative thinking. We begin by taking into account the purpose of your brochure. We then combine impactful imagery with engaging copy to produce brochures that connect with your audience and stand the test of time.

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Direct mail is a somewhat unique communications method which gives us the ability to target an audience with a personal message and measure the results. Captivating imagery, great copy and a clear call to action all play a crucial role in engaging the target audience and encouraging them to act upon your campaign. From creative development and execution through to print sourcing and fulfilment, we offer brands the complete direct mail service.

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A well-balanced composition and white space are crucial to drawing a reader in and conveying a magazine’s message. Furthermore, the hierarchy of typography, the right combination of colours and the use of relevant imagery all play a part in building a rapport with the reader. We have the expertise to create magazines that not only look great, but that resonate with your audience.

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Quality can make or break a brand. The standard of any printed communications you produce can be influenced by various factors and if you’re not an expert, you may end up disappointed or, even worse, out of pocket. Once printed, you can’t click the undo button as you could on a website and a reprint can be costly business.

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Composition and typographical hierarchy can help to emphasise pieces of information and guide a reader through a report. Finding the right balance between different typefaces, sizes and weights of font helps to convey information in an easier to digest manner. Infographics and imagery can help to break up large extents of text, thereby making a report more engaging.

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From company profile videos and product advertisements to exhibition videos, staff briefs and customer testimonials. We can direct, produce and develop bespoke corporate videos that resonate with your audience, whatever the brief.

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A well-executed video is a powerful and persuasive way to capture an audience’s attention . We offer the full range of video production services, from script-writing and storyboarding to filming, post-editing, and managing the delivery of the finished video.

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A well-constructed video promo is a great way to engage your audience and build confidence in your organisation. We offer the full range of production services, from planning and script-writing to filming, post-editing, and managing the delivery of the finished video promo.

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Your website is often the first thing your target audience will see and first impressions are everything. Nothing sets your business apart from the competition like a beautifully designed, engaging website reflecting the quality of your products or services.Website improves your advertisement effectiveness.Expands your market and educate your customers.

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Mediatec specialises in creating custom-designed websites. Our starting point is to focus on what you need the website to do for you and what your target audience needs to know about you. Our web development experts then build the site to ensure this information is communicated as clearly as possible.We can deliver a website that meets all the essential criteria and is unique to your business.

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For most organisations, a social presence is expected, however for others it is a necessity. Increasing your social media following is a great way to increase brand awareness. Social media is an excellent medium for monitoring effectiveness. It gives you an understanding of your target audience as you can view click-through rates and the age demographic of users.

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The design of any ecommerce solution is core to providing users with an intuitive user interface that offers customers a simple and effortless buying experience. Whatever the scale of the project, we can tailor a solution to engage your target audience and maximise your Return on Investment. we can advise on the most appropriate platform for your project.

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Facebook offers Facebook Ads. This particular feature offered by this very popular social networking website is a pay per click advertisement made available for Facebook users. Facebook has three marketing platforms that anyone can use to promote their brand; that helps businesses reach their customers based on their desired demographic.

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Bulk messaging is the dissemination of large numbers of SMS messages for delivery to mobile phone terminals. It is used by media companies, enterprises, banks and consumer brands for a variety of purposes including entertainment, enterprise and mobile marketing. Bulk message can be impressively used for mass marketing.

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Send Professional Bulk Messages Through Whatsapp Marketing ! WhatsApp marketing is very effective tool for lead generation in social media marketing. Creative Graphic / News / Updates post to your customers mobile numbers through WhatsApp creates bound with your customers they were remain in touch with your store or brand with this new generation campaigns.

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Bulk voice call is a simple communication technology that allows you to take a recorded voice message to hundreds or even thousands of call recipients in a short span of time. Bulk voice calls enable you to send Voice Ads/ pre-recorded voice messages in known languages to mobile and landline numbers. Voice calls are powerful tools used for promoting products and in disseminating messages and information.

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Missed Call Service has become an effective way to engage and involve customers by any brand/business. The missed call service is targeted and a cost effective means for businesses to reach out to its target audience. The target audience could be in regions where internet penetration is low or when you want to give a call to action to an online customer who needs to engage with you offline.

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